• 效法耶稣的榜样,学习一年级的祷告,成为更有爱心的基督徒.
  • 专注于神的爱, 耶稣的生平和教导, 属于教会的, 传统的普通祈祷, 还有念珠.
  • 一年级学生通过观察彩绘瓢虫变成蝴蝶来学习完整的蜕变.  当我们利用教室孵化器学习小鸡的胚胎学时,我们见证并体验了一只动物的诞生. First Grade participates in the 活动 provided by the Cook County Farm Bureau.  我们还通过St .收养了一头奶牛. 并通过电子邮件与我们当地的农民沟通,并获得每月的更新和小牛的照片.
  • Demonstrate phonological  and phonemic awareness  and  recognize  high frequency words.  
  • 运用词汇分析来理解选择,运用阅读策略来提高理解和流畅性.
  • 识别故事元素, 使用上下文线索, 理解主旨, 作出预测, 区分事实和幻想.
  • 流利地阅读适合年龄的材料,并能在阅读中自我评价和自我纠正.
  • Use 写作 to communicate and apply grammar and mechanics including capitalization, 完整的句子, 基本的标点符号.
  • 专注于数字和顺序感, 添加ition  and 减去ion  concepts and strategies with facts to 12, 位置值和模式, recognize geometrical shapes in the world around, 计算时间到小时和半小时, 并解决简单的文字问题.
  • Introduced to 添加ing two-digit  numbers with and without regrouping.
  • Understand  concepts  of   life science  and  earth  science  through  reading, 预测, 组织, 质疑, 和解释.
  • 培养对周围人的意识, recognize important people and special events, 理解映射和映射术语.



  • 在学习的各个领域, 学生将展示理解能力, 学习解码策略, 练习阅读流畅性, and show understanding of vocabulary in context.
  • Share positive reading and listening experiences through various genres of literature.
  • 段落要有条理, 使用正确的语法, and show understanding of the topic at hand.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and mastery of various mathematical skills such as place value, 添加ition and 减去ion of multi-digit numbers, 识别几何形状, 学习用模拟时钟报时, 测量和比较长度单位, learning to identify and understand the value of coins and dollar amounts, 还有制图, 比较和绘制数据.
  • 展示生命科学知识, 物理科学, 地球科学, 并通过对人体的观察, 预测, 质疑, 和解释, 同时通过蒸汽体验学习.
  • 通过了解美国的过去和现在,表现出作为更大世界一部分的自我意识, 我们的政府和它的象征, 著名的美国人, 地理与地图, 美国的社区:城市, 郊区, 和农村.
  • 学生从事精神上,因为他们准备和解和第一次圣餐的圣礼, 学习传统祈祷, 在礼拜季节积极参与, 并了解圣徒的生活.


Third  Grade Highlights and  Expectations:

  • 专注神, 耶稣基督和圣灵, 圣礼, 服务, 礼拜仪式的季节, 圣徒的生活, 教会是我们的团体. Plan and assist in liturgy and other forms of worship.
  • Read  with expression  and  流利,  demonstrate  good  oral and written comprehension.
  • Use word identification strategies; understand character and setting;  画 conclusions,  作出预测, 故事的网上赌博网站十大排行顺序.
  • 认识并写出完整的句子,使用名词、动词、代词、形容词和副词.
  • Practice informal and formal 写作 by using the six traits of 写作. 用草书写清楚.
  • 以多种形式写作(报告), 友好的信件, 描述性的段落, 叙述故事, 书评).
  • 多位数的加减运算, 识别位值, 数钱数并举例说明钱数, 记住乘法知识, 表现出测量的流畅性, 并展示计时技能.
  • Explore science in the physical  and natural world. Describe simple life cycles of  植物  and 动物;  recognize the relationship  of  living  things  to their environment; describe the features/processes  of the Earth and its resources.
  • 阅读各种地图,了解社区类型,了解政府如何运作.  


Fourth Grade Highlights and  Expectations:

  • 培养对信仰的理解, 大圣人, 节日, 礼拜仪式的季节, 圣经, 十诫, 出现, 大斋节, 圣灵, 和圣礼. Plan and assist in liturgy and other forms of worship.
  • Develop skills necessary to read with 流利, comprehend  and 解释 written materials, 沟通好了, 有效地听和说.
  • Focus on expository, persuasive and narrative 写作 with a focus on expository
  • Respond to literature and math in written communication.
  • Experience authentic literature in the forms of poetry, 民间故事, 非小说类, 小说, 传记, 幻想和戏剧. Write multiple sequential paragraphs on a given topic.
  • Work collaboratively with others and make presentations to 个人 and small groups.
  • 添加, 减去, 乘, and divide multi-digit numbers; estimate and 比较 numbers; name, 画, 测量线条, 段, 射线, and angles; narrie geometric figures; find area, 周长, and 体积; display data; name, 使用, 添加, 减去, 比较, and convert 分数; demonstrate problem-solving strategies; estimate products; communicate in math.
  • 了解天气, 地球和它的变化, 岩石和矿物, 太阳系, 生态系统, 健康, 人体, 生命与地球主题, 还有物理话题,比如物质.
  • Know the 50 states/capitals, abbreviations, and be able to locate them on a map.  展示对美国各地区的了解.S. and meeting needs through goods and 服务s.



  • 通过故事学习, 活动,  圣经, 祈祷, discussion  and reflection about their  Catholic  faith. 专注神, 耶稣基督和圣灵, 萨克拉门托, 礼拜仪式的季节 and morality; plan and assist in liturgy and other forms of worship
  • Development of skills that allow students to read with 流利, comprenend and 解释 written materials, 沟通好了 有效地听和说. Understand ca使用 and effect; analyze details; 使用上下文线索; analyze theme, plot, and setting.
  • Develop traits  of  good 写作:  organization, 的声音, 流利, 词的选择, 约定, 的想法, 和演示. Write multiple sequential paragraphs on a given topic. Make presentations to 个人  and small and large groups. Express 的想法 clearly when speaking and read fluently with expression.
  • 掌握整数, 金钱和小数, 分数, 比率, 比例和百分比, and length and measurement; 识别位值; solve multiple step word problems; calculate area, 周长 and 体积; 解释 data.
  • Categorize organisms by interactions in their 生态系统; analyze weather and climatic conditions; describe features and effects of various forces on the earth and its resources; identify the effects of science on society.
  • 关注印第安人,  探险家,  美洲殖民地, 美国独立战争, the Westward Movement and the Civil War; master geography/map skills



  • 培养对圣经所启示的神的拯救之爱的鉴赏力, 尤其是旧约. Plan and assist in liturgy and other forms of worship.              .                           
  • Comprehend and demonstrate  mastery of grade appropriate literature; demonstrate  skills in  summary and critique over a variety of literature. Develop higher level comprehension and inferential thinking skills. 运用词汇分析和词汇技巧.
  • Have a foc使用d understanding  of 写作 and mechanics; be able to divert from standard responses and develop their own 写作 styles in essays;demonstrate 使用 of the 写作  process including pre写作, 写作, 修改, 同行编辑和定稿. Present materials orally to 个人 and small and large groups.
  • 探索模式和变量, 数论与整数, 分数, 小数, 和9, 比率和比例, 使用 data to find statistical measures and create statistical displays, 求解代数方程和不等式, 使用几何工具, area, 体积, 表面积,  发现概率. Demonstrate problem-solving abilities in word problems and real life applications. 
  • 展示对细胞的理解, 人类生物学, 动物, 植物, 细菌, 遗传, 健康, and environmental  science; identify  and explain effects of changes in  states of  matter; evaluate and apply ecological concepts to environmental problems.  Identify problems, formulate and test hypotheses and evaluate experimental results.
  • 掌握地图技能和海洋知识, 大陆, and location of world countries; develop an understanding  of  Ancient Egypt, 美索不达米亚, 印度, 中国, 希腊, 罗马, 阿拉伯, 美国, 中世纪的欧洲, 非洲, 和亚洲.


Seventh Grade Highlights and  Expectations:

  • Catholic values are discussed  and integrated  not only in religion but in all learning. 专注于耶稣基督:他的生命, 他的教导, and His presence in the Church; Church history; morality/development  of self-worth; universality of the Church, 主要的教会文件, and the seven themes of Catholic Social Teachings.
  • Analyze literature and develop skills necessary to comprehend literature at and above grade level; become familiar with literary terms, identifying and using them in their own works; application of word analysis and vocabulary skills; analyzing style and purpose; understand elements of plot; understanding the author's purpose in various literary forms.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sentence and paragraph patterns and their 使用s and effects; a variety of narrative and expository structures; the criteria for evaluation of  their  written  work. Develop skills in 写作 content and mechanics that will demonstrate a growth in their understanding of language; respond confidently  in essays to a variety of prompts.
  • 完成一篇研究论文. Give one speech per quarter and take part in debates and panel discussions.
  • 掌握比率和比例推理 , 和百分数打交道, understand geometric concepts with 3 dimensional shapes and measurements, 数据分析, 概率, and measurement; explore number theory; 使用 formulas, 表达式, and solve multi-step equations and inequalities.  使用不同的策略来解决文字问题和现实生活中的应用数学概念.
  • Use inquiry skills; learn the characteristics of living things; understand 遗传 and classification; understand the diversity of cells; understand and explain human body systems.  Research, 准备, and present a project for the science fair.
  • Prepare and build an invention that will benefit society.
  • 专注于U.S. 历史从美洲的第一个文明通过内战和重建.  了解政治, 经济, 以及社会制度和网上赌博网站十大排行, 趋势, 个人 and movements shaping the history of Illinois, 美国. S. 还有其他国家.



  • Intensely 准备 for Confirmation and a lifelong relationship with God; integration of Catholic values in all learning.  参与教区社区活动.  Demonstrate leadership in faith, home, and 服务.
  • Demonstrate a firm grasp of literacy skills.  Evaluate and analyze literature; express high level analysis and synthesis in written form.  培养对语言和写作过程以及写作类型的理解,为高中学习做准备.  Understand the research and 写作 processes.  
  • 能够理解不同的句子和段落模式,以及它们的用法和效果.  Utilize a variety of narrative and expository structures and evaluate written work. Apply and 使用 graphic organizers to evaluate, 解释, and understand content and the 写作 process.
  • 掌握代数表达式, equations and inequalities in two variables,  理解并使用线性方程的斜率-截距形式和斜率-截距形式的图形, explore and solve problems using the Pythagorean Theorem,  graph and perform transformations in the coordinate system,  mastery of congruence and similarity of figures,  探索指数, powers and compute with scientific notation;  application  of  percentages; organize, display and 解释 data and 使用 measures of central tendency for data analysis; apply arithmetic operations to rational numbers, calculate 体积 表面积 of cylinders, 视锥细胞, 还有合成图形. 
  • 了解化学成分, 化学相互作用, 运动, 力和能量, 电与磁, sound and light; distinguish between elements, 化合物和混合物. Prepare and build an invention that will benefit society; and research, 准备, and present a project for the science fair. Explore 物理科学 using the scientific method and models, tools and measurement.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of 美国n history from Reconstruction to the present and current events; understand events, 趋势, 个人, and movements shaping the history of Illinois, 美国.S.和其他国家.